Dad Gets Awesome Tattoo To Support His Daughter

A tattoo has gone viral for the best reason ever.


When his daughter, Charlotte, age 6, went in for her second cochlear implant, Alistair Campbell decided to get one tattooed on his head. The reason? He didn’t want his daughter to feel like the odd one out. Campbell, who has no other tattoos, told the NZ Herald that he decided to get the tattoo because he loves his little girl. “I wanted to show her that I could go through a little bit of pain for her too.”

Cochlear implants help people who are very hard of hearing or profoundly deaf detect sounds around them. It differs from a hearing aid, which merely amplifies sound. Instead, a cochlear implant acts like an inner ear, taking in sounds and helping people identify the direction from which those sounds are coming.

Campbell, who shaved his head to get the tattoo, said that his hair will grow back. But he’d be willing to shave it if his daughter wants to see it or at special occasions.


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Free fall

In the Bosnia and Herzegovina town of Mostar, a local dive club instructor jumps from the Stari Most, or Old Bridge, to the Neretva River below. “Divers have been leaping from the bridge for hundreds of years,” writes Chester Boyes, a member of our Your Shot community. “On this day, we were going to try it for ourselves. Here, our instructor shows us how it’s done before we try our luck.”

Noticing the size and energy of the crowd, Boyes quickly ran down to the river’s edge, hoping to catch his instructor in flight. “I arrived just in time.”


Photograph by Chester Boyes, National Geographic

Boulder art

The shadows of rocks both tumbled and towering dip into valleys on the floor of the Sahara. Here on a plateau in the Tassili n’Ajjer region of Algeria, the desert and its rock forests shelter prehistoric remnants dating to 10,000 B.C. Ceramic materials, paintings, and 15,000 engravings—among other artifacts—have been identified since the first discoveries at Tassili in 1933.


Photograph by Alexey Kharitnov on National Geographic

Catch of the day

A 65-year-old man made a pretty amazing catch at Wrigley Field recently when a home run hit sent the ball over the railing of the left field bleachers where he was sitting. Mike Pullin snagged the ball with a stretched out, backward, one-legged teeter, which was pretty cheer worthy on its own, but what he did afterward earns him extra sneaky props:


The age-old Wrigley tradition is to throw the ball back if it was hit by the opposing team, but Pullin pulled a sly move: The Rochelle, Illinois veteran smoothly picked up an old ball he had brought to the game, transferred it to his mitt and threw it back onto the field. He kept the real game ball for himself!

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How to spoil a wedding photograph

A wedding photographer in Chicago recently captured the “strangest photo” of his career and the image has gone viral, providing plenty of laughs from viewers and a lot of sympathy for one young bridesmaid. Wedding photographer Sean Cook snapped this photo of a 16-year-old bridesmaid fainting at the exact moment her older brother kissed his lovely new bride:


Just as Cook snapped the shutter to capture the couple’s first kiss, the groom’s sister, Grace Ryan, fainted from heat and lack of proper hydration. The groom, Kevin Kennedy Ryan, has said of the July 25th wedding that he’s pretty sure it was the hottest day of the year.

Ryan posted the image of his first kiss/passed out sister a few days ago and the photo already has over two million views. The whole thing happened so quickly that the first kiss wasn’t interrupted, making for a pretty unique and memorable image. Don’t worry though, the bridesmaid was fine within a few minutes and went on to enjoy the party, just a little embarrassed!

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