The last bodybuilding champion of the USSR and the former president of the Bodybuilding Federation, Kirill Dubkov, has drastically changed his career. Currently, Kirill is busy with breeding Alaskan Malamutes. When the photographer asked Kirill about the similarities between bodybuilding and dog breeding he said it is not much different, it’s a source of happiness and enjoyment. Photograph by Anton Dotsenko

The Shortcut

A surfer exits a beach cave into the open ocean off Piha Beach, New Zealand. “This shortcut allows the surfers to land directly in the line-up without paddling through all the waves,” explains Your Shot photographer Yohan Dumortier explains. “This spot is also known to be very dangerous due to unpredictable currents.”
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At the top

A climber stands atop the jagged peak of the Täschhorn in the Swiss Alps. Your Shot photographer Ben Tibbetts was in the same group that climbed the 14,734-foot tall mountain. “We set off under a fine starry sky,” but before it even got light it started snowing… making for a long day out. 
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A riderless surfboard soars above a massive wave on Peahi, a surf break on Maui’s north shore. This image was captured during the Pe’ahi Challenge, a big-wave surfing event. Peahi, also known as Jaws, “is a spectacle in the truest sense of the word, with waves up to 80 [feet tall] on the biggest days,” photographer Lyle Krannichfeld says. “This particular frame stood out to me because of the splash of color from the board and the questions it raises for the viewer.”
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