A hole in the wall

Shone captures the legendary north faces of the Tre Cime peaks as viewed through a machine gun position on the Innerkofler via ferrata. The furthest left north face seen here was first climbed in 1911, but three years later, when this hole was drilled into the rock, these mountains had ceased to be a location for something as trivial as rock climbing.
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Points of view

Spain’s Basque Coast, part of which is pictured here, is so full of stunning landscapes, such as karst cliffs that lead into the sea and are worn over millions of years into coastal rock strata like these, that the area has been added to the European and Geoparks Network, administered by UNESCO. Your Shot photographer M. Subirats made this image in Deba as dusk marked the closing of the day: “A pink sky was perfect to capture the beauty of the stones that sink into the horizon.”

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A beachgoer appears to fly as he dives into the Aegean Sea at Milopotamos Beach in Pelion, Greece. This popular seaside spot is notable, not only for its crystal blue waters, but also for the large rock formation that pushes into the sea, dividing the beach into two. An opening in the rock or a tree-lined path over it allows beachgoers to move from one side to the other. 
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