All hands on deck

Your Shot photographer Sanjay Ramani captured a poignant scene in an Indian brickyard: workers balancing stacks of bricks on their heads, and then reaching with dusty hands for still more. “In this particular place, only women are shifting the bricks from one place to the other,” he writes, “and the inner expression of that moment [was] captured while observing this place.”
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In the midst

​Peace is not being where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It is being in the midst of those and still being calm in your heart.


Protea Banks, a reef off the eastern coast of South Africa, is home to incredible biodiversity—including this massive cephea jellyfish, spotted by Your Shot photographer Pier Mane. He calls it the “biggest jellyfish I’ve ever seen. Her purple head and yellow fuselage were simply amazing.”
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The Falcon 9 lifts off from Cape Canaveral in Florida, drawing a brilliant arc of light across a clear, dark sky. Your Shot photographer Grant Collins snapped this photo on “a cold March morning.” SpaceX, designer and manufacturer of the Falcon 9, was the first commercial company ever to visit the International Space Station. 
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