Black and white

While on her honeymoon, Your Shot community member and photographer Ani Gypps captured this image of the Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone’s colorful and largest hot spring. But the black-and-white treatment she gave this photo seems to have been the best way to evoke the mood she was looking for. “We arrived late in the day,” she writes, “and the usual beautiful colors were not as visible within that light. But before leaving anywhere I always like to look back at the scene. That’s when I saw the light beautifully hitting the rising steam and highlighting the textures and patterns of the bacterial mats. This was the image I had to take.”

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Just another day at the salt mine


The words “Russian salt mine” don’t usually make you think of stunning images. Unless, of course, you’ve seen a sylvinite mine.

Sylvinite is a mixture of rock and potassium-bearing salts, and its vibrant colors make the walls of this mine in Berezniki look like they’ve been covered in elaborate tapestry.

The rock-salt mixture has been found on every continent except Australia and Antarctica. The deposits are in places that millions of years ago were covered by seas and oceans that left behind layers of salt.

The potassium in sylvinite has been a popular addition to fertilizer since the 19th century and has had huge effects on the global food trade. Potassium makes the skin of some fruits thicker, and without it, many mangoes and bananas wouldn’t survive being shipped overseas.

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