New Day

An Arabian oryx welcomes a new day in the United Arab Emirates. “I was racing time to get from my hotel in Dubai to the Margham desert before sunrise to get this photo [of the] oryx in [its] natural environment,” photographer Ali Faisal Al-Houti writes. Though the animals faced extinction in the early 1970s when only six remained in the wild, their numbers have dramatically increased thanks to breeding programs and conservation efforts. 
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The lights

Glow from the distant Shaybah oil field turns the Saudi Arabian sky purple as a man dances atop a nearby sand dune. Saudi Arabia controls about a fourth of all the world’s proven oil reserves.
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The Eureka Dunes in Death Valley National Park offer an eerie soundtrack to visitors who decide to make their way up the sandy slopes—a mysterious phenomenon known as singing sand results in heavy bass notes and drones that sound like they come from airplanes. The booming sounds only add to the desolate beauty of the dunes, the tallest in California.

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Boulder art

The shadows of rocks both tumbled and towering dip into valleys on the floor of the Sahara. Here on a plateau in the Tassili n’Ajjer region of Algeria, the desert and its rock forests shelter prehistoric remnants dating to 10,000 B.C. Ceramic materials, paintings, and 15,000 engravings—among other artifacts—have been identified since the first discoveries at Tassili in 1933.


Photograph by Alexey Kharitnov on National Geographic