Determined diver

This is one determined little dog. Diving into a swimming pool to fetch its orange tennis ball, the dachshund is all in — eyes bulging, mouth open, paws reaching — that ball is his. 
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Free fall

In the Bosnia and Herzegovina town of Mostar, a local dive club instructor jumps from the Stari Most, or Old Bridge, to the Neretva River below. “Divers have been leaping from the bridge for hundreds of years,” writes Chester Boyes, a member of our Your Shot community. “On this day, we were going to try it for ourselves. Here, our instructor shows us how it’s done before we try our luck.”

Noticing the size and energy of the crowd, Boyes quickly ran down to the river’s edge, hoping to catch his instructor in flight. “I arrived just in time.”


Photograph by Chester Boyes, National Geographic