Put it behind you



We were taking shots in the southwest of Serengeti, Tanzania. This location is known as Hidden Valley and was full of animals from the great migration.

This pregnant zebra came out of the dust for a second to take a look at me. She was the perfect poser! Head straight, ears up, legs in line, tail accentuating her curving body while the herd in the background created the perfect stage of dust!

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A bug’s eye view


Zebras gather at the Mara River on the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. Your Shot member Manoj Shah, who submitted this photo, managed to capture a unique perspective of the herd. “This photo was taken by a special remote camera, developed so that it could be triggered from a distance. The camera was hidden where the zebras go to drink water and cross to the other side of the river … in a rocky place so that they would behave naturally, without any disturbance. The whole idea was to capture what an insect … would see when in the midst of the herd.”

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That’s going to leave a mark


I was lucky enough to see these two fighting zebras while crossing the Masai Mara in Kenya. We stopped our vehicle and watched as the two zebras bit, kicked, and otherwise pestered each other. The two crossed our path and then started kicking violently. I followed the pair and was able to capture this moment just before they split up and went their separate ways.

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