Morning stroll

A walk in the park

Photographer Graham De Lacy captured this shot of an African elephant taking a sunny-day stroll in South Africa’s Madikwe Game Reserve. “[It was] one of the many close encounters … I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing,” De Lacy writes. African elephants are the largest land mammals on Earth.
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Protective pachyderm


Elephants stroll the Serengeti Plain in Tanzania. Photographer Yaron Schmid was able to capture this image as the herd passed—but the endeavor required patience. “I waited quietly with the car turned off for hours, hoping they would continue in our direction,” Schmid writes. “One of the larger bulls marched head-on toward us and then waited while the rest of his herd kept a distance. I lay on the floor of the car, looking up toward him. This [photo] is what I got.”

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Walking in savannah


Photo special series “Adventures on the Savannah”, made in the savannas of South Africa in photographic safaris held in the city of Port Elizabeth. This photo is winner of several international awards, among them:

– First place in the 44th National Wildlife Federation Photo Contest 2014
– Silver Medal winner in the 1st MIFA – Moscow International Fotograph Awards 2014
– Pentaprism Magazine “Into the Wild” photo contest
– Honor mention in the IPA – International Photo Awards 2014
– Nominated in 8th Annual International Color Awards 2014
– PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2015 – Honor mention
– Finalist of the National Geographic Photo Contest 2014

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