City at sunrise

Abu Dhabi’s skyline soars through the fog above the mangroves below. Your Shot photographer Khalid Al Hammadi says that he took this picture while in college, and that the peaceful view was “a silent haven to me from the pressure of tests and daily life routine.”
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Sand City

Resembling towers in an extraterrestrial city, these otherworldly towers are sand tufas, formed on the shore of Mono Lake, California. Your Shot photographer James Bau captured this image of the tufas, which he says “could be alien residences with parking garages,” across a quarter-mile stretch on the lake. Tufas form when calcium-rich springwater mixes with the carbonate-rich waters of the lake, creating these structures that grow beneath the surface. 
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Cityscape sunset


I happened to be in the right place at the right time when I took this picture. The place was Nichols Bridgeway leading to the modern wing of the Art Institute of Chicago, with beautiful views of downtown Chicago, and the time was sunset. I love the architecture, the vibrant city life and the light, all captured in the same frame.

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