Stork on a rock

Your Shot photographer Marco Bustos captured the sight of storks on a cliff in Acantilado, Portugal.

The flight

A condor flies toward a rainbow forming in the spray of Iguazú Falls. The falls, located on the border of Argentina and Brazil, plunge a remarkable 269 feet and are among the world’s most picturesque. “Beauty and the power of nature take the breath away,” photographer Tomasz Tyrka says of the scene. “The cascades with condors flying above made perfect composition. I quickly grabbed the camera to capture this wonderful spectacle.”
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It wasn’t until a tunnel was built in 2004 that the residents of Gásadalur had an easy path to and from their home. At the time, the village—perched above this iconic waterfall on Denmark’s Faroe Islands—had all of 16 residents. Now that the village is accessible by car, and not just via an arduous hike or horseback ride, that number has risen to 18 residents.
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Over the edge

“I swear my index finger was sweating from nerves,” says photographer Krystle Wright of this photograph, which she took using a drone with two flashes connected to it, of kayaker Rush Sturges as he dropped off Spirit Falls in White Salmon, Washington. “But when Rush came over the falls and rolled the kayak, I knew as soon as I pressed the shutter that I had nailed an awesome shot and something that was different [from] anything that I’ve tried in the past.”

The shoot at Spirit Falls was intended to be a test run before trying the same setup later at Hamma Hamma Falls, but this “pure experiment” was all Wright needed. “Turns out, I [got] the shot on the first evening. Perhaps having the mind-set of no pressure allowed me to be more relaxed and allow the shot to happen,” she says.
Even in her mellow state of mind, Wright was all business. “I had challenged myself to nail each run in one shot so that I could keep the ISO down as much as possible. It’s an interesting challenge to take away the high frame rate and really choose my moment, rather than spraying shots and hoping for the best.
“As a photographer and artist, I want and need to be challenged so that I can continue to evolve and try new things even if it means trying something new and failing,” she adds. “Thankfully, this time around, I was able to come out with a successful photo.”
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Night falls

By day, the water of Arizona’s Havasu Falls is a remarkable, bright blue-green. In this image submitted by Jes Stockhausen, it’s a milky ribbon, illuminated at night by the light of a camper’s headlamps. “While camping in the Havasupai [Indian Reservation], you hear the roar of the falls 24/7. My friend and I went to see if we could see the stars and were blown away [by] the sheer darkness of the canyon. This shot was [made] with two headlamps, one at the subject’s feet and one on his head.”
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