Getting the perfect shot 

“I swam out and positioned myself high on the west bowl to get a good perspective of the whole wave—its size and how it draws off the bottom reef,” says photographer Domenic Mosqueira of this image he shot of surfer Nathan Florence riding a wave in the early morning off legendary surf village Teahupoo, on the southwest coast of Tahiti in French Polynesia. “I didn’t want to be too tight and up close, but I wanted to make sure I got the amazing morning light as the sun spilled over the mountains.”

Mosqueira didn’t have many problems on this particular morning—beyond the typical challenges associated with surf photography. “I kept swimming to get in the right place between sets since some waves are bigger than others,” he recalls, noting that surf photographer Daniel Russo, pictured, was also battling the waves to shoot. “Once I was in position, I just hoped all the elements would come together, that the wave was big and clean, that the rider was in the barrel, and the light was good. When all these things come together, it typically makes for a good image.”

Reblogged from National Geographic