Window cleaners work 50, even 60 stories up in the air in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Your Shot photographer Huynh Dung calls them “brave,” pointing out that not only are they on minimalist swings way up in the air, they’re doing their jobs underneath the hot sun.
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Reckless abandon


I captured this moment of my daughter’s reckless abandon in a suburban playground in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia,” says Gina Waga, a member of National Geographic Your Shot whose picture was recently featured in the Daily Dozen. “I chose an evening during a specific time of year, when the sunset would be enhanced by the smoke from the local canefires, creating the stunning, merging colors.”

Waga says a lower-angle composition captured her daughter’s silhouette perfectly. “It was then up to timing: teaching her how to position herself, pushing her on the swing, then getting back to the perfect spot in the overgrown grass to capture a moment of simplicity and beauty in a child’s life.”

Photograph by Gina Waga

Reblogged from National Geographic