The Shortcut

A surfer exits a beach cave into the open ocean off Piha Beach, New Zealand. “This shortcut allows the surfers to land directly in the line-up without paddling through all the waves,” explains Your Shot photographer Yohan Dumortier explains. “This spot is also known to be very dangerous due to unpredictable currents.”
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Catching it

“As soon as I saw him going for that wave all I could think was, Oh, s***!” says photographer Stuart Gibson of this photo showing Mick Hoult surfing a wave off the east coast of Tasmania, Australia. “I was thinking, He can’t be going for that wave,” Gibson recalls. “Mick was so deep that he almost fell right onto the rocky slab below, but he recovered at just the last second—just in time to pose for the shot.

“This particular spot only fires up about once a year,” notes Gibson. “I wanted to be really close to the action, but so much water is moving around, and it tries to suck you around the back of the rock. It’s a really dangerous wave—another friend of mine broke two vertebrae on that rock, and Mick tore the ligaments in his ankle on this same session.”
Despite all of this, Gibson says that the image was worth the trouble. “It’s one of my favorite images to date. I had all my camera settings locked and ready to go, so all I had to do was get myself in the right position on the wave and blast away.”
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Up and over

“The surface of the ocean was like perfect glass, and was perfect for shooting underwater,” says photographer Ben Thouard of his image of surfer Landon McNamara riding a wave in Teahupoo, Tahiti.

“I had been trying to get this shot for some time without much success. When I saw the wave coming, I dove under and turned back to look from behind the wave. The sun was coming from right through the lip of the wave, and I knew that I wanted to catch the surfer coming through the light,” he says.
Factors beyond his control came together to make the picture work, he says. “It’s not often that I get impeccable water clarity, no wind, good waves, and light all in one frame. The result ended up being pretty amazing!”
Thouard adds that, after spending his entire day underwater and shooting from below the surface, he had no idea who the surfer in this shot was. “I didn’t have time to check the pictures until I got home,” he says. “But thanks to social media, a year later, I was able to identify Landon in the photo.”
Reblogged from National Geographic