Stroll at sunrise

Your Shot photographer F. Dilek Uyar captured this moment in Kayseri, Turkey. “This place lays down in the piedmont of the imposing Mount Erciyes and actually called as a heaven for birds,” she writes. “It ıs not only heaven for birds but also for one who wants to have a break from stressful daily life. You can find peace in the twitter of the birds and even feel the freedom of the wind by riding horse.” Photograph by F. Dilek Uyar


While visiting family in Victoria, Australia, Your Shot photographer Garry Everett went on an early morning photography excursion, only to find Lake Mulwala covered in fog. Then: “The conditions changed dramatically as the sun broke through and interacted with the fog and clouds to create this wonderful soft light effect,” he remembers. “If you look hard you will also notice a few black swans in the image.”

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Dead Calm

Just as the sun rises over Lake Hintersee in Germany’s Berchtesgaden National Park, an eerie stillness hangs in the air. The “dead calm” of this winter sunrise gives “a mystic view of the mountains greeting the morning sun,” writes Your Shot photographer Gregor Thelen. “The quietness and peace is tangible in the delicate shades … rising from the night.” The park, in Germany’s southeastern corner near the Austrian border, has been a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve since 1990 and is the oldest conservation area in the Berchtesgaden Alps.
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Let the world go by

A beautiful hike into Chimney Rock reveals stunning views. At the bottom of the sea cliff are hundreds of sea lions undisturbed by human activity. “I often come to this place for two reasons: mediation and to let the world go by,” photographer Bachir Badaoui says. 
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