Salt pools

Laborers collect salt from pools of evaporating saltwater in Niger. Once a crossroads of ancient trading empires, the landlocked country gained independence from France in 1960. 
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The boneyard

“We were going to visit the northeastern portion of the island, aptly named ‘the boneyard,’” says photographer and My Adventurer of the Year Instagram contestant Ezekiel Ogle of this photograph he took of his friend Harry Carlin on Boneyard Beach in Bull Island, South Carolina. “On this portion of the island, the forest is being slowly overtaken by the advancing ocean. As the ocean encroaches on the forest, the terrestrial plant life is killed by saltwater, leaving only the ‘bones’ behind. This provides a unique landscape in which the slow battle between the sea and land can be observed. The bare trees are left standing temporarily before they are inevitably swept away.”

Ogle discovered the tree earlier in the day and decided it would make an interesting photograph. He and his friend arrived at the spot just after sunset as the moon was rising. “As the moon reached a good height for casting long shadows, Harry mentioned that he would like to get a photo of him climbing the tree. His idea is what ultimately led to me get this image.”
Ogle’s part in making the image, he says, was way easier than what his pal had to do. “Harry had the difficult job of climbing the slippery, barnacle-covered tree and then holding still for 25 seconds while the exposure was captured. Not an easy job, I would imagine!”
Reblogged from National Geographic