Two kayaks

Look closely: There’s more to this image than the frothy, rushing waters of the Columbia River Gorge and velvety green of the forest. Two bright kayaks are on the river, dwarfed by the surroundings. “This shot took a lot of planning and coordination,” Your Shot photographer Karim Iliya writes. The kayakers “had to hang out in an eddy and try not to move while I took long exposures with a drone. It needed to be at twilight so the light was balanced, which meant we only had one attempt.”
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Just keep on keeping on 

​A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence.

River in the sea

Silversides swirl through mangroves like a river in the sea. The dense forest of roots offers welcome shelter for the finger-size fish, which form large schools to try to confuse predators. Mangroves enhance reefs by providing a nursery area for vulnerable creatures and by trapping sediment that can smother coral. They also store carbon that might otherwise contribute to global warming.
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A watershed moment


Water in Iceland’s Ölfusá River flows around sandbars toward the Atlantic Ocean. The Ölfusá is Iceland’s largest river, and its watershed drains 2,355 square miles (or one-seventh of Iceland). According to a study by the University of Arizona, parts of Iceland are rising as much as 1.3 inches a year as its ice cap melts away.

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