Dark drink

In South Africa’s Zimanga Private Game Reserves, Your Shot photographer Alison Alngevad took advantage of the long drinks of buffalo to capture a long exposure image against the black sky and stars. 

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The lights from the boats attract the Shirasu eel at night in Tokushima, Japan. Your Shot photo editor Matt Adams published this photo in the Daily Dozen saying, “This image felt very out of this world and sci-fi and I just love this scene. What a cool thing to witness and then to capture with your camera.”
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Night falls

By day, the water of Arizona’s Havasu Falls is a remarkable, bright blue-green. In this image submitted by Jes Stockhausen, it’s a milky ribbon, illuminated at night by the light of a camper’s headlamps. “While camping in the Havasupai [Indian Reservation], you hear the roar of the falls 24/7. My friend and I went to see if we could see the stars and were blown away [by] the sheer darkness of the canyon. This shot was [made] with two headlamps, one at the subject’s feet and one on his head.”
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Ready. Sunset. Go.


An African lioness rests in the rosy light of the setting sun in Botswana’s Okavango Delta. Lionesses are the primary hunters of their pride, doing so usually at dawn, dusk, or night; however, some lions in the Okavango Delta have adapted to hunting during the day, timing their meals to the movement of the herds of Cape buffalo that also live there.