Gotta love Sundays


The bridge

Just seconds before the mountains descend into darkness for the next 10 hours, the 27-meter (90-foot) suspension bridge of the Ivano Dibona via ferrata is silhouetted against a moody Dolomites sky. Being high in these mountains, perched above a deep gorge on an old and rusty bridge is nothing short of spooky, Boscoe says. “However, my feeling of being unnerved must be nothing compared to the emotions felt by soldiers moving through these mountains a hundred years ago. When travelling here late in the day we risk passing a cold night in the mountains without a sleeping bag, which is trivial to what they must have risked. Mountains always remind us how small we really are, never more so than in the Dolomites.”

A hole in the wall

Shone captures the legendary north faces of the Tre Cime peaks as viewed through a machine gun position on the Innerkofler via ferrata. The furthest left north face seen here was first climbed in 1911, but three years later, when this hole was drilled into the rock, these mountains had ceased to be a location for something as trivial as rock climbing.
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Dead Calm

Just as the sun rises over Lake Hintersee in Germany’s Berchtesgaden National Park, an eerie stillness hangs in the air. The “dead calm” of this winter sunrise gives “a mystic view of the mountains greeting the morning sun,” writes Your Shot photographer Gregor Thelen. “The quietness and peace is tangible in the delicate shades … rising from the night.” The park, in Germany’s southeastern corner near the Austrian border, has been a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve since 1990 and is the oldest conservation area in the Berchtesgaden Alps.
Reblogged from National Geographic