The cold light of day

After a cold night, morning sunlight shoots through the mist, inspiring Your Shot member Andrew George to capture the moment during his visit to the Oisterwijkse forests and fens in Noord-Brabant in the Netherlands. “The light is the most important ingredient,” he writes. “I visit this place often through every season. I usually walk around this fen and let the light guide me. When I came across this scene, I noticed the sun rays in the back and a kind of curtain of trees in the front. It was like an opening of a theater play. Everything fell into place.”

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Guiding light

Soft morning sunlight, which has managed to penetrate the thick mist over the Mont Blanc summit, serves as a guiding light for two climbers. The Mont Blanc massif straddles the border of France and Italy. At 15,771 feet, its summit is the highest peak in the Alps.
Reblogged from National Geographic