Misty Romance 

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, is often the place where romance starts. Especially when low clouds float around the red lights at the top of the bridge, the most beautiful and romantic scenes appear around dusk and bring inspiration to photographers. With the effects of long exposure, the clouds and ocean became soft and even. The grad ND made it possible to capture this night scene in one exposure with some simple steps of post processing.
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Misty Moose

Morning draws a moose cow and calf into the shallows of Mayfield Lake in British Columbia. With a rich array of species, including several types of large mammals, the M-K offers a unique window on wildlife. Few roads open into the region, limiting human access—but not animal behavior, says Kathy Parker, a professor of wildlife ecology at the University of Northern British Columbia. A relatively intact landscape has helped keep ecosystems intact and let animals retain flexibility in what they eat and how they migrate. “Animals in the M-K still have a lot of options,” Parker says. “It allows animals to use more than one strategy to make a living, which may be important for long-term survival and reproduction.”

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A tall story


The town of Hilton in South Africa is known for its misty weather, which came out in full force for an annual mountain bike classic. The unusually wet winter’s day challenged competitors with muddy tracks, low visibility, and an icy wind. I battled to just keep my camera dry, and after failing to obtain sharp images through the haze, I took a step back and framed this shot, which captures the adventurous rider tackling the harsh environment.

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