Waking up



Play time

Your Shot photographer Jean-Francois Beaudry and this coltish animal shared a moment at Quebec, Canada’s Granby Zoo. “This beautiful leopard was playing with a piece of wood,” Beaudry explains. “For a split second, he stopped and looked at me and ‘pulled’ his tongue.” In 2015, Granby Zoo welcomed two newborn Amur leopards. The species is one of the most endangered in the world.

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Looking down


A dew-bathed juvenile leopard takes a peaceful moment atop a fallen tree on a wintry South African morning. Compared with other African game, leopards are famously shy and rarely seen, partially because of their largely nocturnal hunting habits. Leopards number among many other species of top predators whose population numbers are falling due to human impacts, making this a special sighting of a rare animal that is both powerful and extraordinarily gorgeous.

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Scaredy cat


A very rare, adrenaline-packed showdown between two spotted predators: a male cheetah and a female leopard. The leopard came to steal the cheetah’s fresh kill. No one expected the cheetah to fight for it, as he is lower on the predator hierarchy, but he was very hungry—it had been a couple of days since his last meal. We were all stunned by the sudden engagement between the two cats. Sometimes hard work pays nothing and ultimately the leopard prevailed. Taken in Botswana.

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