A mile in my shoes



Natural majesty

Your Shot photographer Karol Nienartowicz captures many splendid colors in this landscape shot of Sarek National Park in Sweden. “The light blue tones of the water drew me to this image when I saw it during my edit,” says Your Shot photo editor Matt Adams. “I love how this wide-angle image lets me take in the entire landscape and I can focus on the details that make this image interesting.”
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Misty mountains

Your Shot photographer Karsten Hoenack says that he was “totally overwhelmed” by the beauty of this mountain chain in Coahuila, Mexico. “Mexico is one of those countries which surprises you around every corner,” he says. After this sight, he remembers, “Minutes later Monterrey City appeared. Fantastic how close to a big city such a beautiful landscape can be.”
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Points of view

Spain’s Basque Coast, part of which is pictured here, is so full of stunning landscapes, such as karst cliffs that lead into the sea and are worn over millions of years into coastal rock strata like these, that the area has been added to the European and Geoparks Network, administered by UNESCO. Your Shot photographer M. Subirats made this image in Deba as dusk marked the closing of the day: “A pink sky was perfect to capture the beauty of the stones that sink into the horizon.”

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Alien glow

Step into White Pocket, in northern Arizona’s Paria Canyon, and it may feel as if you’ve been transported to another planet. The rocky landscape—so named for its white stone set in red sand—is only reachable by four-wheel-drive vehicles due to deep sand. And that green tint in the pool of water? It’s not extraterrestrial life; the pool is just teeming with algae.
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