“Biking and flipping in the snow was a first for us,” says photographer Tyler Roemer of this image he took of mountain biker and good friend Carson Storch pulling a backflip off a snowy jump in Redmond, Oregon. “The tread and rims of Carson’s bike became filled with ice and snow, making it extra slick and precarious,” he says.

“Biking in the snow is typically left to people that ‘fat bike’ and keep their wheels on the ground,” Roemer says. “But Carson is on a slope-style bike here, which is made to jump solely on dirt, not in the snow.”
The picture was caught on Storch’s first attempt on the icy run ouy after practicing a couple of straight air warm-ups. A lot of snow had fallen the week prior, so the team had just a small window of good weather that day.
“Due to the cold temperatures, the snow was light enough for Carson to shovel the jumps off with ease,” Roemer says. “The cold weather also made the dirt jumps like concrete, completely freezing all the moisture within the jump. There was a layer of ice on the surface of the jump and the landing that made the run out dangerous and out of control.”