It’s time to admit your brokenness.

Hey! I just wanted to send you a quick reminder for the day.

Brokenness. It’s something all of us have once struggled with in life. It’s something that can truly affect every little aspect of our soul in the worst way possible. It is relentless in its pursuit to destroy the very joy we find in God. So what’s its main goal? That you keep this brokenness to yourself, hindering anyone from speaking truth and comfort into your life; especially that of God.

The first step for any story that seeks redemption is admitting the flaws and imperfections it harnesses. So, go ahead. Admit your flaws, your pain, your hurt and your suffering. Only then will you be able to turn your story around for the better. Dropping your guard and admitting the trials you are facing will not only give people the opportunity to speak truth into your life but also offer you something as powerful as a hug.

Your story isn’t over because of brokenness. This is just a chapter, a season, something that will be combatted with grace and love the second you admit the reality of it’s being.

Go ahead. Admit your brokeness, your flaws and the junk that fills your life. Only then will you be able to find restoration. You’ll never regret it.
—Jarrid Wilson (

A quote from Jarrid Wilson

​Life makes the most sense when you’re able to be honest about your feelings. Go ahead. Be honest. Don’t pretend to have it all together.