Keeping an eye on things

A whiskered walrus swims in the Otaru Aquarium in Hokkaido, Japan. Walruses can have 400-700 whiskers, which they use to find clams and shellfish on the ocean floor. 
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The lights from the boats attract the Shirasu eel at night in Tokushima, Japan. Your Shot photo editor Matt Adams published this photo in the Daily Dozen saying, “This image felt very out of this world and sci-fi and I just love this scene. What a cool thing to witness and then to capture with your camera.”
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Time to go

Your Shot member Akinori Koseki was the only one on the train platform in the wee hours of the morning during this snowstorm in Fukushima, Japan. The photographer caught this train conductor checking his watch just moments before the 5:30 a.m. train was due to pull out of Aizu-Kawaguchi Station on the regional Tadami Line. Despite the heavy snowfall, the train left on time—helped in part by arriving at a station with no customers.

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