Blue ice

Pressurized ice, not privy to direct sunlight, sparkles a luminous blue deep in Breiðamerkurjökull ice cave. The cave is part of Iceland’s Vatnajökull Glacier, one of Europe’s largest ice caps, which began forming 2,500 years ago and sits atop several volcanoes. As a result, ebony often streaks the azure interiors.
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Above and below

“This is the most unexpected split photo I’ve seen,” writes Enric Sala, a National Geographic explorer-in-residence and the editor of the Pristine Seas assignment, of this image by Your Shot photographer Justin Hofman. “The lonely krill seems to be checking for the presence of the penguin predator. At the same time, we can see the ice and landscape on the surface. It’s mostly monochromatic, but the reddish krill attracts one’s eye.”
Reblogged from National Geographic