Points of view

Spain’s Basque Coast, part of which is pictured here, is so full of stunning landscapes, such as karst cliffs that lead into the sea and are worn over millions of years into coastal rock strata like these, that the area has been added to the European and Geoparks Network, administered by UNESCO. Your Shot photographer M. Subirats made this image in Deba as dusk marked the closing of the day: “A pink sky was perfect to capture the beauty of the stones that sink into the horizon.”

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I planned my trip so that I could spend at least two days in the Mojave Desert and get some Milky Way shots.
The last night of shooting the moon was finally rising and I was about to leave, but the faint orange glow of the last frame made me think that I could wait a little more and add that element to the shot. I took the final shot with the moon just below the horizon and I really liked it.

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