While visiting family in Victoria, Australia, Your Shot photographer Garry Everett went on an early morning photography excursion, only to find Lake Mulwala covered in fog. Then: “The conditions changed dramatically as the sun broke through and interacted with the fog and clouds to create this wonderful soft light effect,” he remembers. “If you look hard you will also notice a few black swans in the image.”

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City at sunrise

Abu Dhabi’s skyline soars through the fog above the mangroves below. Your Shot photographer Khalid Al Hammadi says that he took this picture while in college, and that the peaceful view was “a silent haven to me from the pressure of tests and daily life routine.”
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Magical sunrise


Skofja Loka, Slovenia

You snooze, You lose. That’s the true story for every photographer!
Likewise, I too pushed myself out of the cozy hotel bed at 5am to get ready to tackle an uphill ride to soak in the beauty of Saint Thomas Church.
It was a really cold morning with below freezing temperature. So I had to drive very carefully maneuvering through the icy hair pin bends to reach the hill top.
I had done extensive research before my trip to Slovenia. Let me tell you that, its one of the safest countries in Europe with lowest crime rates.
In spite of all that I must admit, it was not a pleasant experience to drive middle of nowhere in a foreign country to reach the location before sunrise. Luckily my wife was my partner in crime and decided to sacrifice her sleep without knowing, what’s coming her way. 🙂
As the sun came out, we witnessed nature use its pallet of a million colors to paint the scene. It was arguably one of the best sunrises I have ever experienced in my life.

Lesson Learnt:
Pain is temporary, the photo and the experience stays for a lifetime.

Some days the valley gets filled up with fog. I was not lucky enough to experience that.
I wish I had a dedicated telephoto lens.
The longest lens I had was a dedicated Canon Macro lens (100mm F 2.8). I have tried to make the best use of the available resource. Hope you guys enjoy it.

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Fog bow on the ice rink


We had been skating around in the thick fog in the Stockholm archipelago for a couple of hours one morning in April. It was totally windless and the only sounds were those of our skates and some birds in the open water near us. Tour skating on natural ice on the first of April is considered late in the season, so this was our last trip. Suddenly we saw it, the fogbow, and tried to catch it. —Patrik Stark

Photo credit: National Geographic