New Day

An Arabian oryx welcomes a new day in the United Arab Emirates. “I was racing time to get from my hotel in Dubai to the Margham desert before sunrise to get this photo [of the] oryx in [its] natural environment,” photographer Ali Faisal Al-Houti writes. Though the animals faced extinction in the early 1970s when only six remained in the wild, their numbers have dramatically increased thanks to breeding programs and conservation efforts. 
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Learning to fly


My family is making an international move in the next year, and we are saying our goodbyes to our beautiful desert. This photo was taken while we were enjoying a beautiful sunset in the foothills of Mt. Lemmon. I’m documenting my son’s place of birth as much as I can, so that he knows where he came from. The country we are moving to is lush and green, but Arizona is truly extraordinary, with exquisite sunsets, light, and resilient life! This place will forever hold a special place in our hearts, and I hope to communicate this to our son through my images.

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You crack me up


Tecopa is located a few miles south of Shoshone in California’s Mojave Desert. Tecopa is known for its hot springs. Evaporation of the flooded dry lake in late spring creates cracked-mud patterns loved by photographers. The perspective is produced by the wide-angle lens (12mm) and placement of the camera close to the ground. Photo taken at sunset.

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