Natural majesty

Your Shot photographer Karol Nienartowicz captures many splendid colors in this landscape shot of Sarek National Park in Sweden. “The light blue tones of the water drew me to this image when I saw it during my edit,” says Your Shot photo editor Matt Adams. “I love how this wide-angle image lets me take in the entire landscape and I can focus on the details that make this image interesting.”
Reblogged from National Geographic

Green and gold

A lone family shares a stretch of beach with some seagulls near Mordialloc, Australia. Your Shot photographer Peter Virag says he loves “the amazing colors of the beach umbrella and towels, and the dark emerald green versus the golden sand– which also happen to be the national colors of Australia.”
Reblogged from National Geographic

Swan feather

On an autumn day in Moscow, Veronika K. Ko waited beside a lake for swans to swim close enough to photograph—but they never did. She had decided to leave when she spotted some feathers floating toward her. “It was obviously the swans’ gift for my patience,” she says. Noticing the water’s movement and the autumn trees reflected on its surface, she prepared a 200mm lens and waited for the biggest feather to approach.

Ko emphasizes the importance of taking advantage of the unexpected, in this case to create a unique shot and share the beauty of simple things. “To me it’s not just a feather; it’s a beautiful part of our life, of our surroundings, something that could bring us smiles and happiness just by watching it.”


Image credit: Veronica Ko on National Geographic