Hanging out



Green and gold

A lone family shares a stretch of beach with some seagulls near Mordialloc, Australia. Your Shot photographer Peter Virag says he loves “the amazing colors of the beach umbrella and towels, and the dark emerald green versus the golden sand– which also happen to be the national colors of Australia.”
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Not just another day at the beach

A young woman watches from the beach of Son Serra, Mallorca, as a firefighting plane flies above a wildfire, splashing cold water on what looks to be an otherwise scenic beach day. Your Shot photographer Sergej Chursyn captured this stark image as the fires ravaged the Spanish island during summer 2016, in part due to dry conditions and high winds.
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Fly by

On a beach in Muscat, Oman, a young boy is mesmerized as planes zip by in formation in celebration of the country’s National Day. The Red Arrow planes performed “some spectacular air acrobatics, filling up the sky like a canvas flooded with vibrant colors,” writes Your Shot photographer Sanak Roy Choudhury. “Kids were enjoying the moments, as the airplanes were flying very low and close to the beach area.” Oman’s National Day celebrates the country’s independence from Portugal and the building of modern Oman.
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Let the world go by

A beautiful hike into Chimney Rock reveals stunning views. At the bottom of the sea cliff are hundreds of sea lions undisturbed by human activity. “I often come to this place for two reasons: mediation and to let the world go by,” photographer Bachir Badaoui says. 
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The power of nature

Beachgoers appear mesmerized by an immense, low-hanging shelf cloud blowing in over a beach in Varadero, Cuba. The intimidating formations are associated with thunderstorms. “[In] a lot of lightning and wind,” Your Shot photographer Giovani Cordioli explains, “I took shots of these scenes of the power of nature.”
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