Cactus Lightning 

In the Sonoran Desert near Red Rock, Arizona, a fast-moving electrical storm and a rainbow share the sky in this composite image. Several ranges in this part of Arizona—including the nearby Tortolita Mountains—help spawn thunder and lightning. This image appears in the November 2016 issue of National Geographic magazine.
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Alien glow

Step into White Pocket, in northern Arizona’s Paria Canyon, and it may feel as if you’ve been transported to another planet. The rocky landscape—so named for its white stone set in red sand—is only reachable by four-wheel-drive vehicles due to deep sand. And that green tint in the pool of water? It’s not extraterrestrial life; the pool is just teeming with algae.
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Night falls

By day, the water of Arizona’s Havasu Falls is a remarkable, bright blue-green. In this image submitted by Jes Stockhausen, it’s a milky ribbon, illuminated at night by the light of a camper’s headlamps. “While camping in the Havasupai [Indian Reservation], you hear the roar of the falls 24/7. My friend and I went to see if we could see the stars and were blown away [by] the sheer darkness of the canyon. This shot was [made] with two headlamps, one at the subject’s feet and one on his head.”
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