A quote from Kyle Idleman 

​It’s so much easier to do than to be. To do is to take some action. To be requires real transformation. #TheEndOfMe


Nature’s fireworks

Lava from Mt Kilaeau flowed down the slopes via lava tubes into the ocean and the resulting violent explosions generated such large steam columns as to pull up waterspouts from the sea. This spectacular display continued into the night and also called down lightning from the sky. 

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Waiting for a storm to pass in Utah’s Zion National Park paid off for Your Shot member RJ Hooper, who submitted this image of a rainbow stretched across a golden, post-tempest sky. “A brutal autumn thunderstorm rocked the higher elevations of Zion,” he says. “I hunkered next to some bushes to wait out the storm, [and] it paid off!”

Reblogged from National Geographic